I was reading an article today about erotomania (don’t ask) and I came across a paragraph that struck me as it related directly to backgammon.

“It happens that the most intuitive people are most in danger of being wrong. It’s simple: they get cocky. Their intuition is spot-on so often that they start believing they’re going to be right all the time. They ignore their mind’s capacity to play tricks on them.” — Hedia Anvar

I am that guy. I mostly play backgammon by feel, saving my thinking and more thorough analysis for the hard plays. The problem is that…

My late wife once told me, "You know what really made me fall in love with you? It was the first time we got naked and you said, so sincerely, 'I want you to know that you can say no or stop anytime you like, and it's okay.' I believed you and I felt so safe and so loved, that I never wanted to be with anyone else, ever."

The 2nd anniversary of my wife's death was this month and I've just started to consider dating again, but if feels like it's going to be such a pain. I'm going to retire next year and probably join the Peace Corps.

Your article was encouraging for me. When I read your expectations, my reaction was, "Duh, doesn't everybody do that?" Based on your experience, when I get back, I expect I'll have an easy time of it. I just want to meet someone who can hold up her side of the conversation. Clarity of thought is incredibly attractive and is usually reflected in good lifestyle choices.

Seriously, why would you not wipe the counter after you made that sandwich? Is that where you keep your crumbs?

A sonnet of grief endured

Photo by Susanne Schwarz from Unsplashed

Though expected it took me by surprise.
How does life go on after such a loss?
Will this tragedy teach me to be wise?
Is the joy of life now a bitter sauce?

There is no key, no magic words to say.
Absent is the warmth of love’s afterglow.
Nothing to do but trudge another day,
Or a delicate dance of letting go.

Sit still and recall the good times we had,
The laughter and tears we shared through the years.
Celebrate life, not the death and be glad. …

Allowing her to let go was the most loving thing I could do.

Hourglass with blue sand. Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash
Hourglass with blue sand. Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

The alarm went off and I slid out of bed like I usually did trying not to wake Penny. Another regular morning on a cold January day in Minnesota. Nothing special. Coffee, walk and feed the dogs, shower, kiss Penny goodbye and off to the office. Penny didn’t stir when I kissed her. She hadn’t been feeling well and I wasn’t really surprised. Best to let her sleep.

A little after noon I got a phone call on my cell. It was Penny’s physical therapist. She was…

Photo by davide ragusa on Unsplash

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about “herd immunity” with the idea of maybe that’s a reasonable goal. Instead of trying to minimize infections, maybe it’s better to just let the virus run its course and deal with the consequences afterwards. You know, like when I was a kid and my brother got the chickenpox. My mother told the rest of us, “Go play with your little brother.” Her intention was for all of us to get it at the same time. Back in the 1960’s we didn’t know that it was herpes with possible consequences including infertility, sepsis…

Last year I played in a Tournament on the American Backgammon Tour and had a fabulous time. While watching the finals match of the Advanced Consolation Flight, I observed an exchange that prompted me to write this article. Obviously, they were both excellent players since they had to win an awful lot of matches to get through the consolation bracket. As it happened, it was a man playing against an exceptionally attractive woman. He was behind several pips bearing off in the Crawford game. Then his friend, who was watching, kibitzed, “One set of doubles, and you’re back in it.”

Jeffrey Spencer

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